In Františkovy Lázně, the educational prevention programme has a long-term tradition and ranks among an extremely popular therapeutic treatment. Our physicians working in this type of treatment themselves heartily recommend it, since it is a preventive stay that not only helps improve the current state of health of patients, but primarily prevents more serious health issues in the future. In this aspect, the educational prevention programme is highly effective.

When you come here for a stay within this programme, then the phrase that health is of utmost importance is no longer just a phrase. You will truly do something for yourself and your health, and you will surely not regret it in the future. Your body will richly repay you with a pain-free life. Never forget, that “later” might already be too late.


  • Sedentary employment
  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Long-term stress
  • Heavy manual work
  • Long-term fatigue without obvious cause
  • Hypertension
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Long-term pain without obvious cause (muscles, spine, joints, etc.)
  • Muscle tension

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  • Carbon dioxide baths
  • Nordic walking
  • Special exercises for preventing cardiovascular disease
  • Pneumo punctures (gas injections)
  • Classic massage
  • Treading pools
  • Drinking cure
  • Pearl baths, whirlpool baths, or baths with additives
  • Electrotherapy, ultrasound, magnet therapy, biostimulation - bio lamps, or distant electrotherapy, and other procedures according to the current state of health

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  • The combination and frequency of procedures is determined by the physician during the initial physical exam according to the current health of the patient.
  • The treatment plan usually consists of 18 procedures per week that consist of main and accompanying procedures.
  • The patient should undergo no more than one main procedure daily.
Our experts in the following spa hotels specialise in the educational prevention programme:
Accommodation in other hotels is possible, however, the treatment will take place under the supervision of specialists at the specialised workplaces, and you will need to commute to them.
Of course, spa therapeutic rehabilitation care has certain contraindications that can prevent treatment. You can find a detailed description of them here.

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