Diabetes mellitus, abbreviated as DM and commonly referred to as just diabetes, is currently one of the gravest lifestyle diseases. Just in the Czech Republic alone, there are approximately 900,000 diabetes patients.

Even though diabetes cannot be completely cured, it is possible to rectify it quite effectively, even to a level where the patient need not feel the effects of the disease or of its health complications for many years to come.

And the spa treatment has this objective - to alleviate the manifestations of the disease while also postponing any health complications associated with diabetes (damage to the kidneys, eyes, nerves, or increased morbidity).

The primary weapon to fight diabetes are various lifestyle measures, and thus the entire stay is conceived as therapeutic on the one hand, where the patient undergoes a whole range of procedures, and educational on the other, where the patient discovers all details about the disease itself and is given instructions on how to alleviate diabetes in everyday life to the maximum degree.


  • Diabetes mellitus with complications - ocular, circulatory, neurological, and renal
  • Diabetes mellitus with obesity, difficult to influence

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  • Carbon dioxide and dry carbon dioxide baths
  • Group remedial exercise
  • Exercising in pools, including swimming
  • Whirlpool baths, whirlpool baths of the lower extremities
  • Treading pools
  • Individual education
  • Cooperation with a nutritional therapist, dietary measures, fluid intake
  • Pneumo punctures (gas injections)
  • Classic massages

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  • The combination and frequency of procedures is determined by the physician during the initial physical exam according to the current health of the patient.
  • The treatment plan usually consists of 18 procedures per week that consist of main and accompanying procedures.
  • The patient should undergo no more than one main procedure daily.
Our experts in the following spa hotels specialise in treating diabetes mellitus:
Accommodation in other hotels is possible, however, the treatment will take place under the supervision of specialists at the specialised workplaces, and you will need to commute to them.
Of course, spa therapeutic rehabilitation care has certain contraindications that can prevent treatment. You can find a detailed description of them here.

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