Nature gave Františkovy Lázně the gift of exceptional sulphuric-ferrous peat that does miracles with the complexion. It is thus highly effective in also treating chronic skin disorders, such as atopic eczema. Black gold, as the local peat is sometimes dubbed, has anti-mycotic, bacteriostatic, and bactericidal effects, and so it helps in treating chronic eczemas, psoriasis, and chronic bacterial and fungal disorders of the female outer genitals. The treatment programme also includes hydrotherapy in the natural springs with added sulphur, which has keratolytic and highly hyperaemic effects.

Today, it is known that a whole range of skin disorders is extremely influenced by the current mental state of the patient. The spa treatment is thus focused on this aspect of human health and is complemented by exercises and other procedures that help completely rewire the body and soothe the patient. In Františkovy Lázně, this is extremely heightened by the peaceful spa atmosphere, extensive parks with towering trees, and the pristine natural surroundings.


  • Chronic eczemas

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  • Hydrotherapy in the form of whirlpool and pearl baths
  • Peat packs or peat baths
  • Group or individual exercise
  • Bio lamps
  • Paraffin packs
  • Bath with additives
  • Electrotherapy, magnets, or ultrasound
  • Small forms of hydrotherapy – treading pools or whirlpool baths for the lower extremities
  • Classic or reflexive massage and other procedures according to the current state of health

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