Františkovy Lázně owes much of its fame to its springs, which have been described as miraculous and healing for centuries. Peat and thermal spring gas had to wait some time to bask in the spotlight. The oldest spring that is exploited, František, used to be sold and distributed in clay bottles all throughout the empire. At that moment, nothing could prevent the development of the spa industry here. Later, more springs began to be collected, and today, you can taste more than 20. They are also unique in that they are cooler than the norm - the average temperature of the local springs is approximately 10 °C (50 °F). They have a high content of soluble carbon dioxide (CO₂) and natural minerals.


The Glauber IV Spring contains the most Glauber Salts in the world. Glauber Salts are sodium sulphate, which has been known as mirabilite since the 17th century. It is often labelled as the best natural product for detoxifying the body. We know that its effects on the entire digestive tract are practically unreal. The springs can be used to improve health for several diagnoses (aside from disorders of the digestive tract, it is also useful for gynaecological disorders). Even its use varies - from drinking cures to carbon baths and inhalations, all the way to vaginal irrigation. Come and try the therapeutic effects of the Františkovy Lázně springs for yourselves and be convinced of the truth of the old Latin adage "In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas". In other words: "In wine there is truth, in water health".


  • The Adler Spring
  • The Cartellieri Spring
  • The Imperial Spring
  • The František Spring
  • The Glauber I Spring
  • The Glauber III Spring
  • The Glauber II Spring
  • The Glauber IV Spring
  • The Meadow Spring
  • Luisa’s Spring
  • The Marian Spring
  • The Natalija Spring
  • The New Spring
  • The New Church Spring
  • The Palliardi Spring
  • The Sun Spring
  • The Salty Spring
  • The Stanislav Spring
  • The Cold Spring
  • The Ferrous Spring
  • The Žofie Spring