All Czech spas, including Františkovy Lázně, are in existence primarily thanks to nature itself and its elemental generosity. Despite the remarkable progress of modern medical science, traditional spa procedures are still based on natural resources, almost without change - and with proven effects.

Natural therapeutic resources are, without exaggeration, the beating heart of Františkovy Lázně. The heart that we pay close attention to, and care and protect. So that we can, just as with those visitors who came in the past centuries, continue to help with various health issues and illnesses. Come and try the effects of the natural resources of Františkovy Lázně yourselves.


The unique sulphuric-ferrous peat
  • natural peat with a high degree of soluble minerals and humic acids
  • absolutely original harvesting and processing technologies
  • for peat packs, peat baths, and peat tampons
Peat is the black gold of Františkovy Lázně, read more about it here.

20 therapeutic mineral springs
  • average temperature from 9 to 11 °C
  • contents of soluble CO₂ 1.5 to 2.5 g/l, average contents of natural minerals 5 g/l
  • intermediate to high mineral content
  • for drinking cures, carbon baths, irrigations, and inhalations
Since time immemorial, the springs of Františkovy Lázně have been called miraculous. Did you know that the Glauber IV Spring contains the most Glauber Salts in the world? Read more here.
Natural therapeutic gas
  • separated from the Františkovy Lázně mineral waters and from the source of CO₂ itself
  • pure natural CO₂ of volcanic origin
  • for dry gas sitz baths, gas injections, and gynaecological gas baths
Natural carbon dioxide is an indispensable helper in treating many health issues. Read more here.

Bio-climatic therapeutic complex
  • very pure and healthy air
  • mild, Central European climate
  • extensive spa parks and forest parks
  • peaceful and pleasant atmosphere
Františkovy Lázně is not only an oasis of peace, but also a site surrounded by pristine nature. Read more here.

Each of these natural miracles has huge therapeutic potential in itself. Their greatest strength, however, is if they are all combined - just as it is here in Františkovy Lázně. Thanks to this, our physicians can create a unique cocktail of procedures that are perfectly adjusted to your needs. And we cannot forget to mention our secret ingredient: The enchanting atmosphere of a traditional spa town that cannot be found anywhere else.